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Report "Video Shooting King Of Love"

A Dream Coming True!
07.01.2004 - Making of the Video "King Of Love"

Monday morning, I woke up and asked myself "Was it a dream or is it true?". Half asleep I caught my camera and checked the photos of the last weekend. - It was true! It was me standing beside Thomas grinning brightly. I won the price I have always dreamed off! A day with Thomas seeing a video shooting.

Two days later my boyfriend Marcel and I drove to Mannheim. At 10 o'clock we arrived, but we were not sure to be at the right place! The description of the buildings were correct, yes, but here? A decay industrial estate with old buildings, collapsing walls, hoardings and a parking lot mainly consisting of puddles? It did not look like a place for making a video!

We took the first entrance and asked somebody if we were at the right place. He said "no" and we were afraid that somebody gave us the wrong description, but then he laughed. We had to go along the building taking the blue door. There we would find the set. - And he was right! Suddenly we saw spotlights, cables, tripods, a lot of technical devices and many many people.

We were welcomed by Sabine, the assistant of the producer. She gave us the storyboard and told us to go to the catering area. We did it and started with reading. It was funny! We could not believe that Thomas would play such a role! It could not be true!

Thomas and Claudia arrived about 5-10 minutes later. I was lucky to see somebody known as I felt lost among all the people being in hurry to prepare the set. Thomas and Claudia came to us and said hello. Claudia took us and brought us in the next room. It was the cloakroom containing a coat-stand with many colourful clothes, some chairs and a table with a mirror. - Thomas took off his jacket and tried some other. The shoes he brought with him were varnished silver and I had to sew the buttons at a silver shirt. It was made of an awful material and I felt sorry for the person who had to wear it. - A few minutes later I knew who it will be. It was Thomas! He came to me asking me if I did my work correct as it were his shirt. However, it was not the only silver thing he had to wear. His dress was completely silver including a fur coat and a walking stick!

After a while Thomas and Ercan, the choreograph, went in an empty corner of the hall and started to practise some dancing steps…. I did not believe my eyes! Thomas will dance in the video??? However, Thomas was learning fast and Ercan had not much to explain.

During this time the "caravan" was prepared. It is the place were most of the video takes part. However, in reality this glittering colourful thing was just a wooden box with a floor of a grid placed about 1 m above pink spotlights. Marcel and I were allowed to enter, but I was happy to leave it again!

When the "box" was prepared with all the lights and the camera Sabine shouted "action". Immediately Thomas' behaviour changed. Within a few seconds he was up to 100 and Sabines "give me more" motivated him to give everything! Thomas danced and moved using the walking stick like he had never done anything else before. He showed the fun he had by performing in front of the camera and I was surprised that only a few directions were necessary. Thomas got some hints, but most of the time everything was improvised. He played with the camera and tried new movements/gestures. Sometimes Ercan gave him some tips how to move, but this decreased by the time. The dancing in the caravan was done often. Sometimes wearing the coat, sometimes without, with sun glasses and without, with stick and without, etc. When Thomas was ready, the girls' performance followed. Completely styled and dressed only with less clothes they had to waiting until this moment in the very cold hall….  However, they could not start directly as the grid of the box was too big for their high heels. First it had to be changed which took some time, but finally these scenes were finished too and they came to the close-ups. When making these Thomas were allowed to sit on a chair, but first of all the lights had to be changed. In the dancing scenes the clothes had to be spotlighted but now it was Thomas' face.

Afterwards, the scenes in front of the caravans door were made. A real caravan was used, but inside there were only lighting and a fog machine. To be able to make good pictures without having reflections of the silver caravan, big spotlights were directed against the white ceiling and suddenly we got the impression of having daylight. The dirty and stained floor was made wet so that it appears clean and smooth in the video. After finishing this take we went to the stairwell. Like the parking lot and the hall it was in a bad condition…. dirty and decayed. I was wondering why there was only so less light, but to be honest, may be it was a good decision! The stairwell was only very small and not many people were able to get into it. The stairs itself were very steep and it was not easy for the girls to move on it. However, after a while everything was done and all the scenes with Thomas were made. About 23 in the evening we said goodbye and travelled home.

All in all it was a fantastic day! It was funny and interesting to see how a video is made. It is amazing how many work is behind such a short film!

Uschi Ankelin