Claudia and the Pinwand

Koblenz, December 2001, (c) U. Ankelin

Dear Fan of Thomas Anders,

Welcome to the web page of the German fan magazine Pinwand für Thomas Anders-Fans (e.g. Bulletin Board for Thomas Anders-Fans)!

In 1989 when Thomas started his own fan club he also started to publish a fan magazine. Four times a year it was sent to his fans. However, due to several reasons he stopped publishing it in 1993. The disappointment was great among the fans and so the first thoughts arose, why not creating an own fan magazine? Soon the idea of the Pinwand was born. In September 1998 Uschi Ankelin (Germany) and Maja Mühlethaler (Switzerland) published the first issue of the Pinwand. A fan magazine made from fans for fans published every 2nd month of a year.

Uschi and Maja were very glad when they realised that the acceptance among the fans was great and so the number of readers increased soon. It was not only sent to German fans but also went to other - mostly - European countries. For a short time it was also sent to the United States of America. Nowadays the Pinwand is sent to Switzerland, Austria, France, Russia, Poland, Vietnam, and Peru. Even if the publishing language is only German!

However, in the recent years the Internet got more and more power in broadcasting news. Therefore, the Pinwand went online. In October 2003 was launched. The intension: providing the news about Thomas Anders as soon as possible, but not to substitute the magazine itself.

The success of is amazing. Soon German fans started to use this page for finding news about Thomas regularly and also foreign fans got to know it. - No wonder that started to presented many news in English, too!

So, we hope you will like and we appreciate your visits here!

Your Pinwand-Team


Thomas, Uschi and the Pinwand

Thomas, Uschi and the Pinwand

Thomas, Uschi and the Pinwand
Koblenz, August 1999, (c) M. Kastner  Zweibrücken, July 2006, (c) C. Kleinfeld Koblenz, June 2003, (c) M. Kastner