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Out now: Ewig mit Dir!!!!

Album (German) Charts

Thomas on TV

Live On Stage Singles (German)

Last up-date: 27.10.2018


Published: 27.10.2018

Thomas Anders in Landesschau (22.10.2018)

Thank you, Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz.


Published: 27.10.2018

Thomas Anders und Florian Silbereisen - Sie sagte doch, sie liebt mich


Published: 28.07.2018

Thomas Anders: Das Leben ist jetzt



Published: 12.10.2018

2019 - Thomas in Canada


Published: 09.06.2018

Thomas' neues Single Cover

Thomas' new Single: Das Leben ist jetzt

Surprise, surprise! On June 8, 2018 Thomas' new single was released!

The text of the Summer hit was written by Wolfgang Hofer. Producer of the song is Christian Geller. 

Thomas' Single can be downloaded in all known stores. The first fans loaded the song down at Midnight... :-) 

Ewig mit Dir

However, Das Leben ist jetzt is just the single, in October the album Ewig mit Dir will follow. The second album in German will be released on October 19, 2018 - as download file, normal CD and as fan-edition including a DVD. 

The photoshot for the album booklet was done on Ibiza by Ben Wolf.

 Cover: Warner Music GmbH.

Thomas' neues Album Cover




Published: 02.03.2018

International Fan-Day 2018 - The Concert

An International Fan-Day without concert? Well, Thomas thought the same and so he spent about 2 hours additionally on stage.

Here are our pictures!

Photo: C. Kleinfeld.


Published: 02.03.2018

International Fan-Day 2018 - The Afternoon

Don't talk much about the International Fan-Day, just enjoy the photos!

International Fan-Day in Ransbach-Baumbach

 Photo: C. Kleinfeld.


Published: 20.02.2018

IFD 2018 and the Landesschau-Report

Report from 19.02.2018, online until 19.02.2019.
We say thank you SWR for sharing with us!


Published: 17.12.2017

Do They Know It Is Christmas

On December 12, 2017 Thomas' Christmas single was released as download file: Do The Know It Is Christmas.

Additional a mini album is published. It contains an instrumental version of Do They... and the song Strangers In The Night.

On German TV Thomas will present the song in the ZDF-show Heiligabend mit Carmen Nebel: 24.12.2017 - 20:15.


Cover: (c) White Shell Music.


Published: 14.10.2017

Modern Cooking - Einfach Lecker Anders

Since October 10, 2017 you can buy Thomas' first book in Germany. 200 pages filled with 80 recipes and nice photos. Additionally some short commends of Thomas. As soon as possible our review will be published. 

Modern Cooking - Einfach Lecker Anders
ISBN 978-3-96033-022-6
25,00 Euro (D) bzw. 25,70 Euro (A)

Closer look into the book: http://bit.ly/2wJI0Bw 

Cover: Tre Torri Verlag, with kind permission.


Published: 12.09.2017

Thomas Anders: Sternenregen - Out Now!



Published: 25.02.2017

Duisburg Retour

On February 18, 2017 the Casino Duisburg celebrated his 10. birthday. A very good reason to invite Thomas as star guest. Fans from all over the world travelled therefore to Duisburg. The ones with the longest distance? CertainlyLana from Moscow and Tanja from Sankt Petersburg... It was it worth.

Impressions from Duisburg

Photo: (c) C. Kleinfeld.  


Published: 25.02.2017

Celebrate Life - Music & Dinner

2017 seems to bring us many highlights in respect to Thomas! The first one took part in Velen: Celebrate Life - Music & Dinner

On January 28 and 29 Thomas invited his fans to Velen. There he offered an event of a special class. 

Thomas in Velen.

Photo: (c) C. Kleinfeld.


Published: 16.02.2017


Pures Leben - 07.04.2017

Tracklist (Quelle: Smago)
01. Der beste Tag meines Lebens
02. Sternenregen
03. Das Lied das Leben heißt
04. Feuerwerk
05. Sie und ich und Du
06. Unendlich
07. Schwerelos
08. Traumtänzer
09. Zurück zu dir
10. Träume
11. Ein Augenblick der alles dreht
12. Odysee
13. Fliegen

Cover: (c) Warner Music Group. 


Published: 08.02.2017

Thomas' forthcoming Single: Der Beste Tag meines Lebens

On February 24, 2017 the new single of Thomas will be released. It is the first German single after a couple of years... While Thomas has been in Portugal (Lisboa) for the video shot the cover of the single was published in Germany. 

Pre-orders of the singles can be done in various online web shops. According to the information there and on WMG-page, the single consists of 4 tracks:

1. Der beste Tag meines Lebens 03:45
2. Der beste Tag meines Lebens (Mitte Radio Edit) 03:27
3. Der beste Tag meines Lebens (Extended Version) 05:41
4. Der beste Tag meines Lebens (Mitte Club Edit Mix) 03:30


Cover: (c) Warner Music Group. 

Single-Cover Der beste Tag meines Lebens von Thomas Anders


Published: 29.12.2015

Pinwand goes Facebook

Finally we made it, Pinwand is now available on Facebook. We try to publish the latest news about Thomas there, but of course you can post there as well. - However, please note that we will check your entries first, before they will available for everyone. 

So, here we are: www.facebook.com/PinwandTA! We appreciate your visit!


Published: 26.05.2012013


In April 2013 Thomas started his twitter account as Thomas Anders Gentleman of Music, short GoM: https://twitter.com/thomasandersGoM 



Thomas Abroad... - See "Live On Stage"!!!

You live in Russia and you were able to join Thomas' recent activities there? Great! Let us all participate and inform us! Just send all the news and stories you have to TAFande@aol.com. We all will appreciate your email!

P.S.: Any other story is welcomed as well! 


last up-date: 12.12.2014

Mail for Thomas?

You have mail for Thomas? So, please sent it to:

Thomas Anders Fanclub
Postfach 20 17 18

56017 Koblenz (Germany)

If you just want to get an autograph, you can write us as well: 

Autograph of Thomas wanted?

You want to get an autograph of Thomas? Okay, just send us an envelope carrying your address and enclose the postage in EUR for your home country (Germany to ...). Your card will be sent as soon as possible (about 2-3 days after receiving your request). 



Published: 20.05.2007

Dear Fans,

As you can see, we changed some parts of www.ThomasAnders-Fan.de. Now more English pages are available or will be available in the future. The entry page of www.ThomasAnders-Fan.de was changed, too and so we hope you will better come along with our webpage. 

Please note that the above mentioned link "Abo" will bring you to our magazine subscription page. However, as the Pinwand is only published in German you will find this page in German only. Furthermore, the message about copyrights was deleted here. However, it does not mean that you feel free to take whatever you want! All photos and messages are protected by German law. More about that you can find on Terms and Conditions! 

Your Pinwand-Team


Last Up-Date: 22.11.2014





highest place

30 Modern Talking (DVD) 27

1 (Einstieg) - 3 - 5 - 10 - 10 - 22

30 Modern Talking (CD) out

12 (Einstieg) - 20 - 43 - 74 - out

Two out

11 - 27 - out

Gigolo out

40 - 88 - out

Strong (Russia) out

2 (Russian Top 25)

Modern Talking - 25 Years of Disco-Pop out


The Night Is Still Young



Songs Forever - 43
DVD-Collection - 15
Won't Forget These Days '06 100 48


Last Up-Date: 27.10.2018

Thomas on TV

In the next time Thomas will be present in the following shows:







28.10.2018 Du ahnst es nicht (2/5) ZDF 14:05-14:45 -
29.10.2018 ARD-Morgenmagazin (approx. 6:50 and 7:50!) ARD 5:30-9:00 -
31.10.2018 Maite Kelly - Vom Hippiekind... 
("Zusammen mit... TA gibt der Film überraschende Einblicke in das Leben von...)
WDR 22:10-22:45 -
01.11.2018 Die Schlager-Hits des Jahres - Die beliebtesten Songs aus dem Südwesen SWR ab 20:15 -
04.11.2018 Du ahnst es nicht (3/5) ZDF 14:15:-15:00 -
07.11.2018 Hier ab vier (evtl. Gäste zum Kaffee?) MDR 16:30-17:00 -
09.11.2018 Riverboat MDR 22:00-00:15 11.11. - ab 11:5
12.11. - ab 10:15
10.11.2018 Thomas Anders - Ewig anders MDR 22:50-23:35 -
11.11.2018 Du ahnst es nicht (4/5) ZDF tba -
18.11.2018 Du ahnst es nicht (5/5) ZDF tba -
23.11.2018 Die Schlager des Jahres (aus Suhl) MDR / HR 20:15-22:15 HR: 25.11. - 14:30
05.12.2018 Weihnachten mit Carmen Nebel ZDF ab 20:15 -
08.12.2018 Weihnachten bei uns (AZ vom 06.11. aus Zwickau) MDR ab 20:15 ?
12.01.2019 Schlagerchampions 2019 (live aus Berlin) ARD ab 20:15 ?


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grey replay
green maybe he will be in the show/programme


Hints: Pro 7 Shows often start earlier than given! 
ARD Replays are often shorter than the original show, better to not relay on the replay!